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3D INFORMATICA is one of the main Italian leading companies specialized in the Enterprise Document Management and Record Management.

The company, with headquarters in Bologna and Rome, works on the national and international territory, has developed the document platform Extraway® XML DB - Record Management & Information Retrieval System with application solutions:

integrated product for document life Cycle Management (document management, workflow, protocol, storage archive)
for the handle and preservation information in time and securely
for legally compliant archiving
for the catalog of cultural heritage in accordance ICCD


For more then 30 years with strong archival skills 3D Informatica provides own solutions for:


The management, treatment and valorisation of Cultural Heritage;
Dematerialisation of Digital Administration and legally compliant archiving;
CLOUD ASP services (Application Service Provider) / SaaS (Software as a Service) and provides the related management and maintenance in a logical BPM (Business Process Management);
Solutions of knowledge management for the company;

3D Informatica provides specialized consulting services, archiving, training and support, throughout the national territory.

At the base of constant 3D Informatica growth are the continued investment in re-search & development and training, growth that is manifested trough numerous initiatives.

  • 3D Informatica is certified ISO 9001:2008.
  • 3D Informatica is present in the marketplace of the Public Administration.

The products, logos and trademarks of Extraway® XML and Docway® XML are propery of 3D Informatica Srl.


The ideas that animate 3D Informatica and that have made it only one company in the Italian software panorama, come to life 30 year ago and changed their form without changing soul. The experience and research are growing and the technological view takes on new horizons.

The desire has always been to give unique responses of their kind and fill with them what thirty years ago was a considerable void: the management of information and documents, and even more of knowledge management.

3D Informatica for 30 years has successfully worked in research and technological development, considering innovation as a strategic factor in its development pursued and applied in relation both to the products and services, as production processes and internal expertise.

In the research, development and innovation, 3D Informatica has several objectives:

  • continuous product improvement that comes in an ever increasing reliability and performance
  • improving the technical quality of the product (Software Quality System) that declines in qualitative analysis software with important international partners
  • looking for new and innovative products or technical variants to supplement the proposed solutions