The BANKING and INSURANCE sectors are fundamentally information-based business, and despite progress in electronic data management and transmission, large amounts of communication within organizations and between organizations, branches, customers and third-party customers in a series of business processes remain paper.

3D Informatica, with the important help of a partner whose capital is belonging to the banking sector, analyzed the key issues related to business processes with high intensity of documents in the banking and insurance sector and provides a set of proven software solutions for document management and processes, integrating all the usual communication media of the banking sector.

The verticalization of document systems of 3D Informatica for the banking and insurance sector Docway xml and Unifolder provides aditional features, such as checking the completeness of the dossiers which allow a improvement on decision processes and customer servis, without considering the regulatory risk associated with the proliferation of uncontrolled information

Technological components used are open type, with webservices and easily integrated with existing procedures.

The base of data that underlie the solutions are enterprise type, of a hybrid nature relation and information retrieval suited to the management of important documentary piers, flexible and easily scalable

Extraway® Bridge provides a robust system for sending documents under preservation.