The recent regulatory provisions lead increasingly operate in a distributed environment where documents play a central role in improving the production and service delivery. This competitive scenery therefore puts forward the need for a well-defined process or project model and appropriately managed through innovative tools integrated management of documents, information and document/information flow.

In this sense, our "vision" is carried out according to 3 lines:

  1. the availability of services must be complete, to ensure complete dematerialization and fast circulation of "electronic document";
  2. dematerialization of the paper document must necessarily involve the interaction between PA, citizens and enterprises, otherwise we would be in the presence of a more efficient system but with limited potential;
  3. solutions and application services of the integrated system should be "open", they should be able to export data, information and cooperate with the services of other companies and administrations, central and local, as well as other public interest entities.

3D Informatica has thirty years experience and recognized success in the information and document management, and even more in knowledge management. In addition to the technological and cultural baggage that comes from these experiences, innovative breath of 3D Informatica solutions has anticipated many years a technological standard established and universally recognized: the XML format.

The archiving and preservation are two aspects rarely integrated into a single electronic document management system. DOCWAY® 4RE is designed precisely to be an efficient and well-organized integrated document system, dedicated to the intelligent management of the document, or throughout its life cycle through the current Archive, the Archive Deposit and the Historical Archive and ultimately Legally Compliant Archiving.

The fundamental principle carried out by 3D Informatica and characterizes its services and its product DOCWAY® 4RE, it is in fact to organize a unified environment, able to convey in an integrated system all modes of identification and description of the links between the objects and their organization within the archive document.

The functional requirements at tha base of 3D Informatica solutions follow the dictates of the Consolidated Law on administrative documentation (TUDA), DPR from 28 December 2000, n. 445, basic specifications and enhanced of MoReq2, the standard ISO 15489-1 on document management (where the MoReq refers), recent Technical rules for the IT protocol and the "Development Decree" (DL 179/2012).


DOCWAY® 4RE is the solution for document management produced by 3D Informatica, meets these needs, building on the model requirements identified by the European MoReq2 project for the integration of records management systems with those of content management, to satisfy not only the needs for a document management quality demands, but above all for having implemented all those features that allow management of content from gestation to archiving, and therefore better communication of knowledge derived from a document management carried out with high-tech and innovative tools.

DOCWAY® 4RE is a document management system entirely WEB, modular and scalable, built in respect of modern computer archives, technical rules and standards on the Digital Administration. DOCWAY® 4RE receive the technical and regulatory evolution, to become the "beating heart" of an integrated document management system for the management of documents, informations, mail: company knowledge managemen.

DOCWAY® 4RE in fact provides, in a single integrated environment, all those features that normally insist more suites of products. Functional completeness of DOCWAY® 4RE allows the widest adaptability to the needs of end users, to become the reference system for the management of the documents lifecycle in the broadest sense.


The elements that characterize the offer of 3D Informatica and differ on the Italian market are expressed by its organizational philosophy, otherwise from its matrix structure of the production line (competence center) and areas of expertise (or markets).

DOCWAY® 4RE represents the ERMS solution for:

  • all entities of the Public Administration central and local, that in respect of legal obligations relating to digital administration want to reap the benefits of a document solution that boasts a functional completeness, the result of over 10 years of continuous improvement;
  • Companies who need to effectively manage the digital documentation in a context of collaborative working;
  • Companies partner who in the role of providers of IT solutions specialized services, can expand their market prospect, together with the improvement of the product functionality by developing their complementary offering.

With the intrinsic functional characteristics to Content Management Systems (more granularity in the use and publication of information and a more fluid conception of the content), trough a vision of "flexible reusable components" otherwise combined, can result in countless new "informations", the SYSTEM functions are available for a plurality of chanels and services: from the web to mobile phones to PDA.


The electronic document management is now an important component of the administration information system, introducing optical storage functions, treatment, management, accessibility and circulation of electronic documents.

DOCWAY® 4RE promotes acquisition-related solutions, storage, classification, research and consultations of unstructured informations, which can be text documents, images, digital audio, photograps, films, etc. Documents can be acquired from outside the system, or internally generated trough collaborative creation processes, or intercepted by electronic streams such as e-mail, fax, messaging;

  • organize documentary archives, according to classification schemes and archival constrains, in a functional way to use objectives of documents themselves within the Company, associating to each of the documents a set of attributes and properties that define the structure of Archives, and allows its management, retrieval and integration flows;
  • implements the Security constraints relating to access rights, insert, delete, document editing and classification informations and allowing the tracking of accesses;
  • search document by specifying combination of atributes and properties, connected by logical operators and/or on the basis of the content of the documents themselves;
  • display documents providing visualization tools, conversion in standard format regadless of the availability of specific applications on the consulting Station;
  • guarantees the preservation in time andif adopted the regulations relating to the authenticity of the electronic document, and the electonic storage, ensure compliance with the original electronic copies of paper documents or electronic documents;

DOCWAY® 4RE allows a complete and flexible document management and IT protocol, thans to the own configuration module (ACL), whose specificity allow to define the functional scenario that best conforms to operational and organizational requirements of Administration.

The solution is based on JAVA technology. The integration between computer systsmes is trough the using JAVA library, that taking advantage of the offered services by the extraway SOA/Web layer ensures the availability of main services outlined below.


We have worked hard for many months, dedicating ourselves primarily to the design of the new application interface that has been completely redesigned, perspective "Responsive", to be used interchangeably with different resolutions on all mobile devices, tablets and desktops.

From the moke-up to the real realization, were strongly conjugate the usability requirements, ergonometric, lightness aand no last look & fell, which takes the Cosrporate Identity of 3D Informatica.

The new interface allow to have always under the eyes all the information components in any work situation. And not only. The new interface can also be customized for each specific customer.

The system is presented as a multi-directional area of management, storage, sharing of documents and informations becoming necessary even simple shared storage system, which, however, he adds and ensures wealth and information quality, control, safety, indexing anf full text search.

DOCWAY® 4RE is all that is behind the complexity of digital file management: manages metadata, creates, governs, protocol and historized documents, files, folders and directories; creates, governs and manages document workflow; store the document versions; indexes documents and promote powerful functions of Information Retrivel; automatically creates PDF/A and makes OCR, manages and archives email boxes and PEC; manages and governs the use of scanner directly from the browser; manages and governs the use of Electronic Signature and Advanced Electronic Signature (even remotely).

DOCWAY® 4RE therefore SYSTEM dedicated to unifying the specific functionality
Enterprise Content Management, Record Management, Process Management,
Information Management, Document & Workflow Management.


DOCWAY® 4RE allows to reap the benefits of the electronic distribution of documents between the different structures of an administration. Functional completeness of DOCWAY® 4RE platform has allowed to realize tens of vertical applications in WEB architecture, able to ensure the proper management of documents and document flows, through accurate interfaces that guide and implement in a way done the expected documentary process.


DOCWAY® 4RE is ECM or management system of documentary heritage able to configure and manage all types of digital or digitalized content, for all the levels of use and usability places to an Administration: institutional, administrative, archival, documentary, for documents, images, photos, web pages, unstructured or semi-structured documents, multimedia, XML and e-mail (PEC and not).

DOCWAY® 4RE stratifies paths and search criteria of contingent needs and medium to long term. His Administration features allow the dynamic profiling of users based on the information needs. The functionality of the system are accessible to authorized persons in accordance with the enabling granular levels defined in accordance with the Business Organization.


When the European Commission decided to publish the standard for the management of electronic records, specification MoReq Model Requirements for the management of electronic records (MoReq2 2008 and MoReq2010) DOCWAY® already identified in the early work of the Commission of the priority dictates which design a solution that would be able, for functional quality and usefulness of application, to be one of the first real systems in Italy of Record Management.

Transparency of administrative actions is also guaranteed against to holders of qualified interests thanks to a timely allocation of responsability for documentation and coordinated use of a plug-in for application of the scale of the administrative procedures and compliance with the obligations in transparency.

Grazie ad un controllo delle versioni il Sistema garantisce il controllo completo delle versioni e consente agli utenti di identificare e tenere traccia delle modifiche e della relativa proprietà di intervento (aggiornamenti, editing, cancellazione, creazione di copie) dei documenti.

The main functions that DOCWAY® 4RE offers are aimed at:

  • acquisition, recording, research and consultation with the various types of documents handled in administrative and/or business processes, both internal and exchange with the outside;
  • automatic registry of segnature.xml file, as required by Circular CNIPA (ex AIPA n° 28 from 7/05/2001), with the possibility of direct printing on the document or affixing an adhesive label with barcode and watermark (PDF/A);
  • digital signature and remote digital signature;
  • organizing documents according to a classification plan and archiving files, according to the need for sorting and of research in the short to long term most consistent and appropriate with respect to the material management (physics) of the same;
  • make a dossier: establishing a connection (and its consultation) between the received documents and produced documents internally for the adoption of final measures, according to the process of administrative procedures into force in the entity;
  • ensuring greater flexibility in dealing with heterogeneous types of documents, structured and unstructured;
  • optimization of information flows and decision-making processes to support the generation of document flows. DOCWAY® 4RE is the tool that gives importance to nature and to the Government of work processes;
  • creating custom trays for documents/files/folders from a title list resulting from research;
  • massive acquisition of paper documents through the use of signatures protocol;
  • managing and receiving e-mail via personal Mailbox configured with the possibility to recording emails in the archive;
  • management of certified electronic mail (PEC);
  • dynamic transformation of a document or repertoire.


DOCWAY® 4RE strictly follows the general criteria on the conduct of the administrative procedure. With the new version, the specifications are the highest on records management application, especially in the case of managing heterogeneous types of documents and, in general, unstructured documents.


DOCWAY® 4RE allows users and user groups to gain an information governance to higher levels of transparency. The user can have, on the basis of profiles intervention rights, a control on the use and editing of documents and instant access to files, without thereby navigate in complex storage plans. Access is always permitted in compliance with the law 241/90 on administrative transparency.

About this DOCWAY® 4RE allows the creation of a stronger link between the reporting and processed workflows and a link between proceedings Archive (PROC) and Archives of Facilities and People (ACL), for better management of the filing plan classification and index entries.


The technology on which it DOCWAY® 4RE is fully configurable to help user using the internal business process management: simple flows of review and approval work, complex business processes, engineered and produced in more temporal stages and from different ownership. The workflow capabilities are:

  • sorting: sending documents to the offices/people/roles of responsability;
  • management and monitoring procedures: definition of all properties/data of entity procedures, analysis and display of the status of a dossier in the context of proceedings;
  • custom work desks: esing a virtual desktop for managing documents and/or dossier of its competence, with possibilities for delegations and multi-user;
  • flow management "light": execution, advancement and power of a procedure on a dossier, sending of electronic documents, digitally signed, through the institutional email

DOCWAY® 4RE provides users a powerful and sophisticated search tool to locate, easily retrieve and consult documents of interest. Users can choose to perform a simple search (term for, for example, inside of content or attributes) or opt for a more powerful Advanced Search, defining attributes of the term to be searched.

DOCWAY® 4RE is presented in the CONSIP MARKETPLACE.


The InvoicePA module is designed to be used both by Public Administrations and by the suppliers of the same, as it used to manage the whole process of electronic invoicing: in fact the InvoicePA module manages both passive cycle (receipt of invoices PA) and active cycle (issuance of invoicePA and transmission via the Interchange System).

The new approach of 3D Informatica to the need for integration between the documentary applications is the construction of a specific application layer which allows two distinct modes of use of the module:

  1. DIRECT ACCESS TO MODULE: through this mode you can use the InvoicePA module independently from the mode of complete document management system Docway® XML, thanks to direct access to the single application/function, but with the possibility of low-cost integration.
  2. INTEGRATION WITH DOCWAY® XML: Allows the use of the module within the document management system Docway® XML


Decree No. 55 of 3 April 2013 and the Circular 1/2014 of the Ministry of P.A. are the main normative references for starting and managing the electronic billing process within the Public Italian administration. These regulations shall be added the important decision of the legislature, with Legislative Decree no. 66 of the 2014 (personal income tax decree), to mandating both the adoption of the single register of invoices that the burden of registration and recording of electronic invoices received from central PA and paper invoices or receipts in PDF format from other PA.

Since March 31, 2015 the obligation to electronic invoice will be extended to all public authority and companies, including local administrations and businesses, which will be obliged to send electronic invoices to public Administration according to specific regulatory provisions, otherwise the non payability the supply.

In the Digital plan is asked on governments to make visible three phases before moving to the regime; from then will pay only if the recipient of electronic invoice (three months to pay analog invoices still in circulation).


3D Informatica identified the most effective ways to achieve integration between the systems involved in the management of the active cycle / passive. Extraway® Bridge is the solution interfaced with other information systems. Through a connector SQL via JDBC, Extraway® Bridge is the only solution interoperable with other protocol systems, both for the management of passive invoice that the exchange of documents to and from the system Docway® XML.

Extraway® Bridge: a bridge between the Report System and Docway® XML. Extraway® Bridge intervene in phase of automatic transmission of passive invoice to report system with two objectives:

  1. avoid duplication of the process of acquiring digital invoices registered in Docway® XML. In particular, each electronic invoice received and recorded in Docway® XML is automatically "transfered" in the report system (metadata and digital attachments) for registration to Registry.
  2. obtain a complete computer records and ready for storage. The invoice is "taken" (metadata) from the protocol system to upgrade in Docway® XML metadata recognized in protocol.

Extraway® Bridge: the bridge between Accounting management system and Docway® XML. It 's possible to realize an integration between DocWay® XML and accounting management program used in such a way that the invoices are also automatically recorded in the accounting, acquiring data from previously recorded invoice in the document system.


Below is a summary of the main features offered by the system:

  • management of XML formt of Invoice PA;
  • invoice registration in the document management system
  • transmission of Invoice PA XML signed digitally via the Interchange system, using ServizioPEC (Active Cycle);
  • receipt of Invoice PA XML signed digitally via the Interchange system, using the ServiozioPEC (Passive Cycle);
  • management of receipts emited by the Interchange System (SDI);
  • sending in the inovices and receipts storage of the Sdl using the module Extraway® Bridge.


The module Invoice PA automatically captures and register the received invoice by PEC from Interchange System (SdI) via a specific automatic form (MailArchiver) for the PEC recognition, invoice data extraction and assignment to the repertoire.

The invoice is recorded in a specifice repertoire of invoices (that assigns a unique registration number within the same), enriched, as well as by the Protocol of recording metadata, the metadata required by the regulations for electronic invoices. The registration (which may possibly also be made in the draft, then transformed by the operator in a definitive registration) are attached the following files:

  • Signed Invoive in XML format;
  • Metadata of invoice file;
  • Notification of acceptance/rejection (sent to the SdI by the recipient within 15 days from receipt of the invoice), automatically created and sent by the Module InvoicePA;
  • Notification of time periods.

Receipts/notifications are in XML format and automatically attached to the registration. In addition to the receipts generated by the SdI, are also attached to the received registration the receipt of PEC message.

The module InvoicePA manages the reception of transmission of individual invoices and transmissions of batches of invoices in the manner prescribed by regulations. The invoice batch will be treated as a unique repertoire but inside it will be perfectly recognizable individual invoices and the related data.


The InvoicePA module also manages the phases of the active cycle, in particular:

  • issuing and invoice transmission to SdI through PEC;
  • receiving and automatic management of notifications on the transmission of the active invoice issued by the SdI.

The phase of invoice issue in the required XML format can be done in two different ways:

  • direct mode using the module InvoicePA Docway® XML: the invoice is registered in the register of invoices with a unique number within the same; the data entry form is composed of all the elements required by expected plan xml for the InvoicePA. At the time of registration, the system automatically generates the XML file compliant and ready to be sent to the Interchange System;
  • integrated mode, through integration with accounting management systems already used by the organization. If the company already has a system for the accounting record of invoices and for generation InvoicePA xml file, it's possible to study integration solutions, automating invoice recording and the xml file acquisition in Docway® XML. The invoice is automatically recorded in the register of active invoices, from which can then be transmitted via the Interchange System.

The invoice, before its transmission to the interchange system by PEC, is digitally signed and registered as an outgoing document.

Notifications on transmission required by law are automatically retrieved and attached to the respective invoice sent. The handled notifications are:

  • Receipt of file delivery to the addressee;
  • Scrap notification;
  • Notification of non-delivery;
  • Result notification;
  • Notifications of time period;
  • Certificate of the invoice transmission with no possibility to delivery;