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The success of software projects comes from a deep knowledge of the application context, with deep expertise and highly qualified staff

of complex document project management.

For your documental project we provide


The solutions of 3D Informatica are carried out in compliance with regulatory and technical rules related to the document management, dematerialisation, computer protocol. The contacts and continuous exchanges between our archivists and academic referent of the sector, also ensure compliance with the latest archival product concept.


Experience in more than 30 years of complex projects guarantees a high level of documentary projects management, guarantees its success and the respect of the times for a complete insertion, learning and integration of document solution within the organization. The transfer of responsibilities concerning the transition to digitization requires metabolisation times by persons involved to avoid the resistances, highlighting the benefits in terms of acquisition of new (and good) skills and in terms of effectiveness of the collaborative work.


The consultancy's activities that 3D Informatica can make available are concentrated in defining and achieving golas. Any project of paper dematerialisation involves organizational changes. The flexibility of DOCWAY allows a complete adaptation to consolidate pre-existing procedures, but to generate values from the changes you need to adopt the virtuous attitudes. Our consultants, stronger to having accompanied the introduction of numerous documentary projects in various industrial sectors and administrations, are a sure point of reference for management.

Experience in INTEGRATION

DOCWAY comes with an extensive set of features and web services that can integrate with existing solutions. The quality documentary software alwayse have to need to be able to communicate with management systems, CRM systems, dedicated to communication solutions, web portals, conservation systems, etc. For more complex cases 3D Informatica uses a software module realized ad hoc and called Extraway Bridge, which is equiped with connectors and is able to relate the most heterogeneous solutions.uiare con i sistemi gestionali, i sistemi crm, le soluzioni dedicate alla comunicazione, i portali web, i sistemi di conservazione etc. Per i casi più complessi 3D Informatica utilizza un modulo software realizzato ad hoc e denominato Extraway Bridge, il quale, dotato di connettori, è in grado di mettere in relazione le soluzioni più eterogenee.


A strategic fase in the intoroduction of document solutions related to the training, which involves a series of activities related to skills transfer metodological and technical/operational. It's necessary to analyze the training needs and the level of the previous skills so that the working groups are sufficiently stimulated and thus make tre training time also a time of sharing and team working. Highly clasified teachers, methodologists and experienced product consultants, will hold training courses at various levels, so that each role that will require access to the system can use it properly, optimal and profitable.


The guarantee to maintain up to date and efficient system in line with the regulatory changes, with technolgical upgrades, information security over time is vital for any organization. 3D Informatica provide expert system engineers and consultants who will be able to follow the entire life of your documentary project. A trouble ticketing system provides an environment where you can verify the requests made and their solution cycle. The assistance is also a time when our consultants can suggest methodologies and use cases that can be of inspiration for continuous improvement of the use of DOCWAY.